Welcome to the Northshore Billiards Association

The Northshore Billiards Association, or NSBA, is an organization dedicated to the sport of pocket billiards.  Established in 1986, the NSBA is a unique forum for team 8-ball competition.  It is a league whose mission is to provide the opportunity for men and women of varying abilities to compete in the game of 8-ball at equal levels of play.  Governed by an elected Executive Board of Directors, the NSBA strives to expand its membership annually. 

Congratulations to the this year's champions:

  • ICC Tornadoes for winning the Johnny Marco Cup

  • Wakefield Elks for winning the Ray Howell Cup

50/50 Session 6 winner: Marco Pirrotta for $33.00

                             Planning for next season

Now's the time to think about players and a team for next season. You have everyone's attention as we're in the playoffs and the banquet is coming up.  Don't make the mistake and leave it to the last minute. Plan ahead!!  Solidify your team for next year!


Marco Pirrotta $53.00Congratulation 


NSBA Executive Board 2016 - 2017

President: Bill Lynch

Vice President: Nate Nally

Secretary: Shawn Waterman

Treasurer: Pam Fialho

Assistant Treasurer: Marco Pirrotta